Looking for the Future in our roots.

The Herbarium

Ethnobotany is at the heart of our project.

Our massages and our treatments are based on the use of the botanical wonders of Puglia.

Respecting the biodiversity and preserving the ecosystem, we make our plants, flowers and fruits stronger and richer, achieving a greater effectiveness of their extracts.

Our Herbarium

Our Herbarium is a place for holistic experiences, a place created with the desire to generate a harmonious relationship between the human being and the environment.

Keeping genetic diversity intact, we draw precious substances from Nature which, combined with the knowledge of different massage techniques, favor the psycho-physical wellbeing of each of us.

Our Time Tub

We chose to create the special Time Tub to enrich the experience of our massages and treatments.

The view of the Orange Grove opens up another space-time dimension, a moment of deep relaxation that aims to infuse beauty
to body and mind.

fiori d'arancio

Be Nature’s guests!

The Montenapoleone Herbarium has its “sky in a room”,
a place where you can enjoy the benefits of an outdoor massage. Immersed in a house without a ceiling and walls covered with greenery, you will live the most beautiful dream,
dissolving all thoughts.