visit puglia

Visit Puglia

The territory

Masseria Montenapoleone rises up right in the middle of the ancient olive tree plain in the Fasano area.
This sunny coastal area, at the beginning of the 1800’s, was colonised by a group of farmers from Fasano and Cisternino in order to cultivate it.
The land was divided into strips commonly known as “pezze”- owned by the Greco family – hence the name Pezze di Greco, a small hamlet (which is a part of Fasano), situated 5km from the coast.
This is an ideal position to visit Puglia – Masseria Montenapoleone is in the heart of the region, about 50 km from Bari, surrounded by the Itria Valley, and is a perfect starting point in order to explore the Salento beaches.
The live nativity scene of Lama del Tappeto is now famous nationwide and takes place in this craggy village of great archeological importance.


a journey where time has stopped

The Canyon of Puglia

Just into the region of Basilicata, and just over an hour’s drive from Masseria Montenapoleone, you will reach another Unesco World Heritage Site: the Sassi di Matera.
masseria in valle d'itria

dry stonewalls, with snow-white masserias and scrublands

Valle d’Itria

Following the lanes with their dry stonewalls, with snow-white masserias and scrublands, you enter into the Itria Valley – Alberobello being its ‘queen’ with its trulli.
tour castelli della puglia

The Greeks, Byzantines and Turks dominated these areas at different times throughout history

The castle tour

These powers left their trace, building majestic and charming castles, and hunting manor houses.
visit puglia

Visit Salento

Salento, the sea

The sea has a deep blue colour if viewed from the top of the cliffs of the Adriatic