biomasseria in puglia

Biomasseria in Puglia

Green Soul


At Masseria Montenapoleone we promote biodiversity. We cultivate the land respecting our long peasant tradition. We follow the methods of organic agriculture. We respect the crop rotation and we employ many ancient seed species. We support native species in order to preserve the identity of our land.

biomasseria in puglia

Ancient grains, compared to modern varieties, contain a different and vast range of more digestible and nutritious proteins.

Every June we celebrate the harvest with the “Wheat Festival”, a day dedicated to the experience of baking shared with our guests.

Our flour is stone-ground according to the traditional method. We make our pasta, bread, taralli, friselle, pizza, focaccia bread and dessert. Available for sale.

Our cooking class is titled “The Wheat Experience” and was born with the aim of telling and knowing the productive spirit of the farm, sensitizing the participants to a healthier and more respectful choice towards themselves and the planet.

Our Wheat

In the world of cereals, we produce spelt, the Saragolla and Senatore Cappelli durum wheats and the Gentil Rosso soft wheat.

The spelt is the most ancient type of cultivated wheat, it has been used as human nourishment since the Neolithic Age. The cultivation of the spelt has been reevaluated in recent years by companies interested in organic cultivation, since it is a rustic plant that does not require chemistry for its cultivation. It has great nutritional properties and it is one of the least calorie types of wheat.

Saragolla is considered the ancestor of all modern durum wheats. The grain of this wheat is rich in vegetable proteins, lipids, mineral salts and has a very low gluten concentration. We produce pasta with this wheat in its purity, a pasta that has an excellent hold during cooking and a spicy and intense flavor. Its use in the kitchen is very versatile as it adapts very well to both rustic and more refined preparations. Available for sale.

Senatore Cappelli is an ancient wheat, rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. It has a very low gluten content, various anti-inflammatory properties and is able to provide more vitamins and minerals than a modern durum wheat that has been produced following a conventional agricultural method.

Gentil Rosso is our soft wheat, an ancient variety rich in iron, magnesium and vitamin B, also low in gluten.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Il Cento

A vigorous oil produced from centenary olive trees that tell the ancient story of Puglia and the Monteneve family. Golden yellow in color, it gives fragrant notes with a sweet intensity. To be enjoyed raw with salads, vegetable soups and legumes.

Il Mille

An oil produced from millenary olive trees that express the vigor of thousands of seasons. Il Mille is the oil that identifies itself with the territory and that embodies the plain of the centuries-old olive trees of Puglia. Harmonious fruity notes to be enjoyed with the typical dishes of the Apulian tradition, from the Regina tomato to the mashed beans, bruschetta, friselle, wild herbs, zucchini, aubergines and with all the most sincere dishes of our special land.

Il Venti5

The richness of a blend of three Apulian cultivars, Cima di Melfi, Coratina and Picholine, grown on trees planted about 25 years ago. Three different and complementary types of olives that expertly mixed generate a unique taste. A lively oil, with a strong character that embodies the energy of youth. Intense fruity notes to be enjoyed with dishes with a strong flavor, meat and fish.

biomasseria in puglia

The Olive growing is a family tradition. Nonno Giacomo, progenitor of the Monteneve family, dedicated his whole life to the production of the most precious nectar that the land of Puglia gives us, founding together with other partners, in 1959 the first cooperative oil mill of Pezze di Greco. Elixir of youth, beauty and good health, the extra virgin olive oil is the founding base of our cuisine. We produce three different qualities, all organic, cataloged according to the years of the trees: Il Cento, Il Mille, Il Venti5.

biomasseria in puglia

Our Wine

Primi Passi, a Susumaniello made in purity, is our organic red wine. Giuliano has chosen to produce this variety of Italian grapes, cultivated only in Puglia and in the Brindisi area, almost disappeared in the past. Following the philosophy of the biodiversity, he chose to enhance the heritage of the Apulian native vines in danger of extinction. The name refers to the “somarello – the little donkey”, indicating its high productivity, a plant loaded with bunches, just “like a donkey”. The result is a table wine that offers hints of red fruits on the palate, a nectar with delicate tannins, a Southern product that has had the chance to receive the sun. The vineyard is still young, hence the name “Primi Passi – First Steps”, dedicated to Marcella, the firstborn of Giuliano. The footprints depicted on the label belong to her. The vineyard, located in front of the sea, is a pleasant place where special events come to life to highlight the richness and excellence of the farm’s organic products.

fiori d'arancio

Renewable energy and sustainable development

The commitment made towards the environment protection led us to meet the partial energy needs of our company with the use of renewable energies. Our photovoltaic system produces electricity. The use of the latest generation of solar panels and the biomass system allow us to produce domestic hot water and to produce thermal energy, in order to heat our rooms.

Our Vegetable Garden

Following the changing of the seasons, our garden gives us delicacies that give life to our cuisine focused on tradition with an eye always on innovation.

We produce different qualities of tomato, chard, asparagus, artichokes, different types of salad, onions, courgettes, aubergines, turnip greens, broccoli, celery, parsley and fennel. White chickpeas, black chickpeas, broad beans, peas, red peas, lentils and carobs are our legumes.

biomasseria in puglia
frutti di bosco
biomasseria in puglia

Our orchard

We produce ancient fruits, such as red dates and arbutus. Our fig trees give us the fiorone and different qualities of fig. We keep on producing the “Tondina di Ostuni” almond, sweeter and tastier, rich in oil, almost disappeared due to the standardization of the market. Oranges, lemons, cedars, mandarins, loquats, prickly pears, red and white mulberries, arbutus, plums, green plums, black cherries, pears and quinces are available to our guests, to be picked and enjoyed outdoors when they are ripe. We produce marmalades, jams and preserves with our fruits.

biomasseria in puglia
biomasseria in puglia
fiori d'arancio
biomasseria in puglia
biomasseria in puglia

Spontaneous plants and herbs

We use aromatic herbs and wild plants a lot in our kitchen. They are bearers of countless benefits, rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, they have antiseptic and disinfectant properties, they help digestion and help to limit the use of salt in the making of our dishes.

Walking through the farm you will meet thyme, rosemary, myrtle, sage, mint, parsley, mallow, valerian, verbena, portulaca, arugula, spontaneous chicory, the caper plant, the plant of the chili pepper and many others.

The work of the bees

Bees play a very important role in our organic farming project.

By carrying out their natural pollination activity, they become our great allies and they also give us delicious honey, both during Spring and Summer.

The honey they produce in October serves them as a reserve to face Winter time and we do not touch it. We welcome the families of other professional organic beekeepers.

biomasseria in puglia
biomasseria in puglia

Sustainable design

Our design supports the sustainability project. We value objects from the past found in the farm and in antique markets. The search for antique furniture is constant in order to periodically renew the rooms according to the seasons. The use of colors and fabrics tell the encounter between the Mediterranean palette and the nuances of Northern Europe, a perfect synthesis of the cultural meeting that our farm represents. From the beginning, the artisan artist Alessandro Galizia has taken care of the design and the recovery of furniture, supported by the creative advice of our family. The processing of local materials, such as stone and wood, is the basis of the conservative recovery work, together with the use of biological and eco-sustainable mortar.

frutti di bosco
fiori d'arancio

The rooms fully express the philosophy of recovery, each presenting its own uniqueness, both for the design and for the choice of fabrics. The love for tradition is combined with the desire for originality: shoe racks made with old shutters and rudimentary tools used in agriculture are transformed into pieces of furniture, accompanied by ancient prints, wooden doors and iron beds from the beginning of the century. The antique taps are enhanced in their shine, the large handcrafted beds are caressed by Provenal impressions. In all the rooms there is a coiffeuse, the corner where, at one time, the women of the masseria cared for make-up and hair. It is possible to sleep in a cave, the Grotta degli Angeli, a unique experience in a place that contains history and passion for life. Our common areas and restaurants fully express our desire to translate the past into an eternal present.


Cereal-based cosmetic line

For the care of the body and hygiene of our guests we have produced an organic cosmetic line based on cereals that they will find in the room, available for purchase.