in the heart of Puglia

The Farmhouse

There are places where every day you can feel different mesmerizing emotions, thanks to the vitality of nature.

The eyes are still closed when the senses awaken, wrapped in a soundtrack curated by slightly curious birds that peek out the windows. The gaze opens and a bright light tells of hours to live immersed in the beauty of the land of Puglia. We are at Masseria Montenapoleone, surrounded by the wonder of creation.

The Masseria stands on a rocky settlement in the enchanting plain of centuries-old olive groves in the area of Fasano.

Since the 16th century the sea has looked at it, whispering the sounds of undertow and iodine perfumes.

The Family in the Vineyard

La Family

The Monteneve family, in the first decade of the New Millennium, started a recovery project after 40 years of abandonment.

The Flemish origins and the many years spent in the South of France have contributed to forming the taste of Giuliano Monteneve, the creative and operational soul of Masseria Montenapoleone. Son of an Apulian father and a Belgian mother, the tireless traveler Giuliano returns to live in Puglia with the desire to create a place where to get in touch with the most authentic part of his roots. The mixture of different cultures manifests itself in the choice to interpret tradition with a completely original touch. The colors and languages ​​chosen for the decoration of the farmhouse express the desire to combine pieces from the past with an innovative process.

fiori d'arancio

Eco-sustainable development

Each recovery action follows an eco-sustainable development.

Exploring the hidden gardens that surround the farm, you will find permanent installations of contemporary art made with old tools belonging to the peasant life. Iron and wood objects full of history had the chance of a new existence, witnessing a powerful spirit of the past still alive.

The Monteneve family has chosen to preserve the nature of a real farm. The peasant allure is quilted of simple elegance, with furnishings from the past restored without artifice. The techniques and materials used for the recovery of the decorative elements express the love for tradition combined with the desire to innovate with uniqueness. Walking on the ancient floors, you have the impression of moving on decorated flying carpets, it is a journey through old recovered objects.

The environments of Masseria Montenapoleone are actively intertwined with experiences and emotions.

A Farm Holiday in Puglia

The magical sense of places surrounded by the Love for Nature, its flowers and fruits.

Green Corners

Observe. Listen. Smell. Touch. Taste. These are the verbs that immediately connect us to the sensorial sphere.
farm holiday in Puglia ©Gianni Buonsante Photography

A place where, above all things, to dream

Secret Green Corners

Follow the white rabbit of your imagination, perhaps you will get lost and wandering among the innermost paths of your mind and your desires you will land at those hidden ports that we have created for you.
hospitality food and wine in masseria

the Apulian spirit of hospitality, our desire is to make our guests feel at home

Lifestyle Destination

When we talk about a place, at the same time we talk about a lifestyle destination. At Masseria Montenapoleone we try to immerse our guests in the uses and customs of our beloved Puglia.
holiday in masseria

More about our masseria and Puglia land

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