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boutique hotel in puglia

Green Corners

Observe. Listen. Smell. Touch. Taste. These are the verbs that immediately connect us to the sensorial sphere. We ask you to add another sense, the magical sense of places surrounded by the Love for Nature, its flowers and fruits. Places full of history, places that whisper the emotions of past stories, places eager to welcome stories yet to be lived.

The Old Porch

This is the place for the breakfast time, outdoor or on the veranda. This is one of the oldest areas of the farm, where past and present merge, with a frame made of stone, wood and colorful flowers. All day you can enjoy your experience in this place, in the shade or in the sun, choosing the iron benches or the wicker seats. You will be surrounded by the divine scent of Nature and stimulated by the desire to taste the arbutus, red dates, pears or loquats, depending on the season.

The Citrus Grove

This is our ancient enchanted garden. Lemons and Oranges that draw the profile of its environment keep you company, for moments dedicated to reflection, to the relaxation of both body and mind. When the scent of orange blossom spreads in the air, the inebriating effect tells stories of rebirth and serenity.

The Fig World

You will find our fig trees, of different qualities, in various areas of the farm. Walking in the direction of the sea you will meet a wonderful array, you will see that each tree chases the other, it is a play of shapes and colors with the sky and the rest of the vegetation. Just beyond the Old Porch, there is our “Il Giardino dei Fichi” where you can sunbathe in their company, while enjoying the fruits, or reading and thinking protected by their large and beautiful leaves. Another family of figs keeps company immediately after the almond grove, you will discover them chasing the west.

The Almond Grove

In spring, the thick white hair would make every human being who is sensitive to the beauty of life fall in love. The sea of elegant white flowers is the ideal setting for a signature picnic and family portraits. When the flower gives way to the fruit, you can taste the “Tondina di Ostuni” almond, sweeter and tastier, rich in oil and almost disappeared due to the standardization of the market. You can put the shell on the dry-stone wall and open it with the help of a stone, just like we did as children. The satisfying feeling of simple happiness will stay with you in the memories of a moment spent in synergy with Nature.

The Vineyard

This is the place where our “Primi Passi”, pure Susumaniello red wine, comes to life. You will appreciate a sweet view from its terrace: a multitude of ancient olive trees reaches the Adriatic Sea, with the Torre Canne Lighthouse that stands out on the horizon, reminding us that we are always connected to the water element, a vital source for our productions. You can have a moment just for yourself in this magical space and at the same time you can join the many experiences we love to design surrounded by its unique microclimate. Aperitifs, lunches and dinners to be enjoyed exclusively or with other guests.

The Pool

A mirror of crystal-clear water, living stones and a thick vegetation, this is the scenario for your swim under the blue sky of our Puglia. The welcome in her womb recalls the shoreline, ideal for the little ones. One area is dedicated to pampering yourself with the Jacuzzi. Outside, the wooden cabañas give well-being in the choice between shading and a vitamin D bath. And speaking of vitamins, juices and cocktails, prepared with freshly picked seasonal fruits, will contribute to the project of a rural experience, pure and refreshing.

The Rural Gym and The Playground

Keeping fit in the open air was our aim when we decided to dedicate an area of the farm to our Rural Gym. A path to tone and strengthen the muscular system, enjoying a sea view, among olive trees and cultivated fields. Pure oxygen for body and mind, healthy and beautiful.

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fiori d'arancio

Our little guests deserve a personalized space dedicated to their fun. A castle and wooden games are available to stimulate the imagination immersed in the Nature.

The Olive Groves

The olive tree, a priceless natural monument, is the heart of the farm. The production of the extra virgin olive oil is a family tradition. Source of long youth and good health, it is the basic ingredient of our cuisine. Our beautiful and vigorous olive trees love and protect us. The centuries-old olive trees are our grandparents, wise advisers and fertile witnesses of the history of our land. For centuries they have been together taking the benefits of the iodine scent that comes from the nearby sea. Their shapes are different depending on the light, in the morning they can have one, at sunset another, discovering them is fun and helps to connect with their special soul. The younger trees find a home in the direction of the valley, thinner and lively, they are equally able to give great emotions, to the palate and to the sight. Walking among the olive trees of Puglia is a cathartic experience, it cheers up the mind and it nourishes the soul.

Christiane’s Flowers

The passion for flowers was born with the coming into the world of her soul which is sensitive towards the great beauty. Christiane Van Gaubergen, Belgian by birth and Apulian by adoption, brought to Puglia her love for flower gardens, an attention that tells of her Nordic origins. As soon as she was 20, Christiane decided to follow her lover and moved to Pezze di Greco, from the lively and cosmopolitan Brussels to the traditions of Southern Italy. She chose the sun and the beauty of a genuine and sincere land, qualities that perfectly match her spirit. Puglia has become part of her, always keeping her Flemish allure alive. The cultural encounter that describes his personality can be noticed in her flower design. Periodically she redesigns the many flowery spaces of the farm, modulating types, colors and varieties. Do not miss the flowery arch of the ancient portico in Spring, the enchanting perfume and the chromatic beauty of roses and jasmine transcend time and space.


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