The Canyon of Puglia


Keeping inland, your tour continues towards Grottaglie, renowned for its ceramics – we are now in the province of Taranto. The geomorphology now starts changing when you start entering the Canyons of Puglia. In the ravines if feels like a journey where time has stopped, passing through Crispiano, where, on 20th July every year, they […]

Valle d’Itria

masseria in valle d'itria

Following the lanes with their dry stonewalls, with snow-white masserias and scrublands, you enter into the Itria Valley – Alberobello being its ‘queen’ with its trulli. The trullo is an ancient dry-stone dwelling with a conical roof, of protohistoric origins, which are found exclusively in central-southern Puglia, and have indeed become part of the Unesco […]

The castle tour

tour castelli della puglia

Federico II made this region his empire, and the Aragonese powers made this a part of The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. These powers left their trace, building majestic and charming castles, and hunting manor houses. Brindisi alone, provincial capital of the province of Brindisi (the province where Masseria Montenapoleone resides) has two castles. The […]

Salento, the sea

visit puglia

The sea has a deep blue colour if viewed from the top of the cliffs of the Adriatic, and a paler colour – with various shades or emerald green, green and light blue- when seen from the sandy or rocky beaches of the Ionian Sea. Along both coasts there are numerous ancient circular or quadrangular […]