olive trees, lemon, orange, fig and peach trees

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olive trees, lemon, orange, fig and peach trees

Agriculture has been the main activity for Puglia’s inhabitants since Greek times. The Masseria lands are cultivated using the most ancient traditional organic methods. The olive grove to the side of the Masseria where the olives grow for producing oil, are collected by letting them drop naturally when ripe into the nets beneath them. The gathering of the olives ready for pressing is a delicate operation which affects the quality of the oil; the maturity of the olive and hence the choice of timing of when the olive is picked determines the organoleptic characteristics of the oil. As well as the olive trees, there are lemon, orange, fig and peach trees. On the other side of the olive grove we have a vineyard where the produce is used both for wine and edible grapes. We also have our own vegetable garden where we grow fresh tomatoes – and an almond grove, where the almonds are the secret ingredient for many of our traditional desserts…

Masseria Montenapoleone

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