Even the furnishings follow the same ‘sustainable’ philosophy

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Discovering ancient methods

Even the furnishings follow the same ‘sustainable’ philosophy

Masseria Montenapoleone was re-born with the utmost respect for nature, and the sustainability of its surroundings. The Monteneve – Van Gaubergen family saved the Masseria from the vestiges of time, and transformed it into an agriturismo (holiday farmhouse) whilst perfectly respecting its natural habitat. The owners’ unique approach continues to nurture and evolve in the Masseria. Our guests are equally as well-cared for. The farm’s small scale and sustainable agricultural production provides fresh and organic produce for all its guests. Our guests are welcome to pick fresh fruit and vegetables from the grounds, a liberating activity – good for the mind and soul. Even the furnishings follow the same ‘sustainable’ philosophy. The furniture has been created using old objects found on the premises, renovated with great creativity and crafting some real small works of art. Everything that was found at the Masseria has been brought back to life – braziers have been made into bathroom mirrors, old tools have become lamps or coat-hangers, funnels have literally been made into taps. Nothing has been left to chance; every detail has a tale of its own, each with its own sensation…

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The magic of traditions

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