Discovering ancient methods

holiday in masseria

Masseria Montenapoleone was re-born with the utmost respect for nature, and the sustainability of its surroundings. The Monteneve – Van Gaubergen family saved the Masseria from the vestiges of time, and transformed it into an agriturismo (holiday farmhouse) whilst perfectly respecting its natural habitat. The owners’ unique approach continues to nurture and evolve in the […]

The magic of traditions


Masseria Montenapoleone emerges on a craggy plantation and characterises traditional country-life in Puglia. In the past the masseria was primarily used for agricultural purposes, and still today tracts of cultivated land surround it. The rural architecture follows the traditions of this southerly region of Italy. In the past the Masseria was a sort of autonomous […]

Surrounded by nature

Masseria Montenapoleone

Agriculture has been the main activity for Puglia’s inhabitants since Greek times. The Masseria lands are cultivated using the most ancient traditional organic methods. The olive grove to the side of the Masseria where the olives grow for producing oil, are collected by letting them drop naturally when ripe into the nets beneath them. The […]